Commercial Services

AirData has been developed to provide a number of commercial and industrial services.






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Real estate showcasing

Aerial Photography and Videography is the perfect way to showcase any property.  This process saves you time and money enabling you can show potential clients exactly what they are looking for online.  Pictures can have informative overlays with your company logo while videos will have fully licensed custom music.  Pictures can be intertwined with the video as well. It's up to you - we'll make it happen.  

Take a look a AirData's newest videos for Texana Plantation and Crystal Lake Estates.


Drone technology now eliminates the need of high cost helicopters or other fly overs.  Data is turned around in a 48 maximum time frame. Maps include Elevation Data, 2D Stitching, Plant & Crop Health, and 3D modeling.  Data such as GPS coordinates, measured area, distance, and volume can be overlayed on any map medium desired. Custom PDF reports can be made for your projects. 3D models are in .obj format which can be imported into many programs



Inspection services help your company eliminate safety concerns. Instead of sending a human - send us. Eliminate the risk factor and save on insurance. Data is available with same day service!

PDF reports can be made custom to you or your client's needs. 

"The a to Z PAckage"

The "A to Z Package" consists of the entire process of developing a building. 

  • Mapping
  • Flyovers (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly) - choose one or all.
    • Photos and Video
    • Additional mapping - resourse management with volume information.
  • Inspections - Pinpoint an area that you'd like to be shot with HD or UHD pictures and or video. 
  • Final Production - A custom video to celebrate the final project.  This can involve a final 3D map incorporated into the video.  Contact us and lets make a plan.