If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Providing people with a video that keeps their memories timeless is what we like to do best.  With an aerial video you'll be able to keep those moments from a different perspective with music that is custom tailored to your event.  Here is a  link to AirData's Youtube Channel or take a look below for more information about each individual project.  

Here is a quick introduction video that can be sent to a client to introduce the property. In the video you'll see property information, school district info, local store and recreation information as well.  This video along with pictures, 3D virtual tours, with you contact info can be put into a nice 360 aerial panorama package like the one linked here.

Crystal lake estates and Texana Plantation in Richmond, Texas.

Thank you to Sheri Menegaz with Tricia Turner Properties for the opportunity to film Crystal Lake Estates and Texana Plantation. The house with the amazing pool in the Crystal Lakes Estate Video can be found listed here. AirData also provided the pool photos watermarked with Tricia Turner Properties. 

crystal lake estates

Texana plantation

AirData has been working with some counties to analyze terrain in order to aid in water runoff so flooding catastrophes can be avoided in the future.   Lot names and coordinates can be added to the videos so that crews can have a pinpoint location to clean instead of searching for hours. Videos like these not only help in planning and delegation, but also save an enormous amount of money. They can also be customized any way you need. 

2017 Highlight Video

2017 has had a lot in store for AirData's growth and progress. Check out the 2017 Highlight Video below!

XIII Great Tournament at Castle Uniejów, Poland.  This was a spur of the moment project with great results.  This video can be watched in 4K to see the high end capability of aerial video quality.  

It's an honor and a pleasure to be one of the first to capture such historic landmarks via aerial video and pictures.  The castle was built between 1360-1365. - Source


Kubala Night in Inowłódź, Poland.  There were two celebrations on this day.  The first being a new governor or the castle; known as a Castellan, accepting his position, and the second being the celebration of Kupala Night. 

A very special thanks to Mrs. Randia F. who made this video and the video above possible. 

The castle was originally built around 1356, and has recently been restored from ruin.  A very special thanks to 

If you have a property that's a bit out of the way and would like to quickly show people that it's worth the drive? Do what Emery's did!

This video is a little over 2:30 long and in this time not only do you get a great scope of what the property looks like, but you also see what Emery's can do for you.  Within a short span of time you see the entire property (with beautiful lake and sunset), how the property looks undecorated, and how can be transformed for the day of an event.  

Bellheim is a 100+ acre rental property located on the outskirts of Bellville, TX.   On their website you'll see over 20 photos of the property ... and one aerial video.  

The pictures will help you see the property but with the video you'll experience the getaway retreat located a mere hour from Houston. Our video will bring you through the house, then take you on a trip through the easement to the back camp-house, and skim the clear blue lake is if you dove off the deck yourself. 

If you're having an event you'd like to show a quick add can be filmed and put online within a couple of hours. 

This fun Sunday after noon was blast to film. Friends and family coming together to admire their mutual passion. The music added provides a great feel for the afternoon. 

No job is too big or too small.  

Here is a video for a friend doing what he loves to do.  Let us help you show your passion doing what you do best. 


A big thank you goes out to the King family for helping AirData in it's first stages of making films and editing. Lookout Point on their property was a beautiful place to fly and film. 

In the video you can see the Brazos river which had recently receded, carving a new landscape for property owners. 

Aerial footage can also be used as reconnaissance after a disaster for relief projects, damage estimation, and/or preventative measures. These missions can be streamed live and saved on YouTube as well. 

We've also covered fishing tournaments can easily show your tournament while not disturbing the fisherman - or more importantly - the fish.

G.S.W. Marysinek has done a lot in restoring two massive fishing pond. These once abandoned ponds now provide a park like atmosphere for walks, bike riding, and children's events.  

You can also take a look at the panorama of the ponds by clicking the button below. For more info see our Panoramas Page. 

Last but not least take a look at our most unconventional use for a drone.  

While filming Double BB Outfitters we inadvertently started penning the cattle.  

Why hire a helicopter for an expensive cost while it can be done for a fraction of the price with a drone?